The Oaks

Summer Camp

The Oaks hosts hundreds of campers from the heart of cities across California for five weeks in July. It is our goal for each child to experience a place of refuge. We let kids be kids again away from the usual stresses of life and discover their identity– through trying new activities, succeeding or failing, and being loved in Jesus Christ. Our daily schedule is full of fun, high-energy activities and meaningful, Biblical lessons. In the evenings campers enjoy large group games and our lively fire circle program with skits, worship, and inspired teaching.  Each summer camp week begins on Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. and ends on Friday at 1 p.m. (except 1st-3rd grade camp which begins on Tuesday at 2 p.m.). The Oaks Summer Camp program serves all ages through our 1st-3rd grade, 4th-6th grade, Jr. High and Sr. High camps.

Camp Details

Summer 2017

1st-3rd Grade Week: Our 1st-3rd grade camp week begins on July 18th and ends July 21st. Although short in length it is still jam packed with tons and tons of activities available to our campers. Some activities include learning about animals and having a carnival at the end of the week filled with prizes, fun games, snow cones, face painting, and much more!
4th-6th Grade Week: We will be having camp for our fourth and sixth graders on the 2nd of July and ends on the 7th. In addition to some of the attractions that we have during our 1st-3rd grade camp we also open up activities like the zip line and night hikes for our campers.
Jr. High and Sr. High Week: Our Jr. High Week begins on the 9th-14th of July; the weeks for Senior High are the 23th-28th of July. We partner with speakers and other artists who can deliver age relevant material to our youth. In addition to the activities like zip line and climbing we also have a Thursday night party as well as paintball during the week!
MOD Camp Week: For Junior or Senior Highers July 3-th through August 4th, choose one of our multiple tracks!
        1. Drama (CBG): Have a flair for the dramatic arts? Discover and practice techniques in this fun exciting camp drama!
        2. Dance (CBG): Dance the week away with fun instructors who love to teach and to use the art of dance for God's glory!
        3. Film-Making (CBG): Learn the basics of filming and editing short films!
        4. Creative Writing/Spoken Word(CBG): Refine your creative writing and speaking passion in a professional Christian environment.
        5. Instruments (CBG): Bring in your own instrument or use one provided for you and you will receive instruction from a professional musician.
        6. Art (Oaks): Explore your talent for drawing and painting while learning techniques from a professional artist.
        7. Adventure (Oaks): Love the outdoors? Hike, climb, and camp with professional instructors!
*Will include off-site trips.
      8. Advanced Swimming (Oaks): Do you prefer to be in the water? Discover and practice advanced swim techniques and life guarding skills!

The purpose of meetings, seminars and activities at The Oaks is to educate and inspire attendees with Biblical teaching and instruction. We also desire to follow government guidelines which require attendance at meetings for organized camps and educational organizations. Your participation at these meetings is necessary for us to accomplish these goals. Please plan to attend all meetings.