A Clearer Mission
A Clearer Mission

A Clearer Mission

The last several months have brought some big changes here at The Oaks! While we’re always making practical changes (like this new website!), we have also made a bigger picture adjustment recently by clarifying our mission.

Refining our mission statement

Many of you know that we’re a part of the urban ministry World Impact, but what you may not know is we adopted a new mission statement ministry-wide! We’ve always been dedicated to serving urban communities, but our newest and clearest way of explaining this mission is that World Impact empowers urban leaders and partners with local churches to reach their cities with the Gospel. This has always been at the heart of what we do, and this new statement helps us share our mission more effectively.

Applying the mission statement

As a camp and conference center, we get to play a special role in living out this mission. We provide a place for leaders and churches like your own to escape the busyness of life to be refreshed, experience vibrant fellowship, and have a lot of camp fun! In short, we help people thrive. That’s why we’ve chosen this as our new way of succinctly talking about our role in this mission as a camp: we are your place to thrive.

Aligning to the mission statement

There are two big changes we’re making as we grow in this mission.

  1. First, we’ve added a ton of benefits that come with retreating here to help your group thrive! This includes lots of planning resources for your retreat coordinator and many other discounts and opportunities to use The Oaks as a place to grow!
  2. We’ve also changed how we’re running our camps! We’re now partnering with experienced ministries to provide teaching and program elements so we can focus on delivering an excellent on-camp experience. This will expand our partnership with other ministries and allow us to increase the sustainability of our camping ministry for years to come!

We’re excited to continue growing as your place to thrive as we move forward with this even clearer mission.


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