The Oaks

This is a guest post from former summer staff Doua Her. Doua was a participant in our Leaders in Training program and now lives in Fresno, California. It is with great hope that we hire young adults to come and work with us for the summer and then leave re-entering the communities they came from with new skills and a passion to see the Kingdom of God expanded. Doua is an example of this hope. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom for our present and future staff to come. 


I was asked to define leadership in a recent camp application and I felt this was the best way to define it:

Leadership is staying with your cabin at night after devotions instead of going out to be with your peers or flirt with your crush.

Leadership is listening to the whole sermon with your kids instead of going outside for some "air."

Leadership is making a fool of yourself in hopes that your campers have the best time of their lives at camp.

Leadership is being transparent to your campers instead of keeping a front of near perfection.

Leadership is allowing your team to have a discussion about tough topics instead of just telling them what is right and wrong.

Leadership is bringing the best out of those around you, even if the event coordinator really sucks at whatever activity he/she is leading.

Leadership is sitting with your team during meal times instead of "catching up" with your peers.

Leadership is taking your shirt off in the pool, even if you are fat, so that the chubby kid in your group won't feel insecure about diving in as well.

Leadership is staying up with a camper when he/she is struggling with pain or identity issues, even if you know you have to get up at 6am to wake your entire cabin up.

Leadership is devoting your entire time at camp to those God put you in charge of, with the hope of them drawing one step closer to Jesus.

Have a great summer!!