Activities by Request

Adding in these unique activities will give your group a fun camp experience while giving them a challenge and a chance to grow. All activities may be requested up to two weeks in advance. To request these activities:
Contact our registrations staff at 661-724-1018 ext.2 or or {modal activities-inquiry-form|iframe=true|width=500|title=Reserve Activities} Send a Request Here{/modal}.

{tab title="Archery" position="left"}

{article Archery}[text]{/article}

{tab Pool}

{article Pool}[text]{/article}

{tab Laser Tag}

{article Laser Tag}[text]{/article}

{tab Paintball}

{article Paintball}[text]{/article}

{tab Leap of Faith}

{article Leap of Faith}[text]{/article}

{tab Zipline}

{article zipline}[text]{/article}

{tab Teambuilding}

{article teambuilding}[text]{/article}

{tab High Ropes}

{article high-ropes}[text]{/article}

{tab Climbing}

{article climbing}[text]{/article}