Why The Oaks?

Of all your options, here’s why you should pick The Oaks.

You’re looking for the right retreat venue, and let’s be honest, there’s a lot to pick from. But how do you decide? And how will you know if The Oaks is right for you? We know there’s a lot to consider, so here are the three biggest things that set us apart.

Affordable Quality

Get the biggest bang for your buck.

For starters, we offer incredible facilities, comfortable lodging, great food, beautiful scenery, and exciting activities all located only an hour and a half from Los Angeles. But not only do we offer these beautiful spaces and fun experiences, we provide it at a very competitive price for the level of quality you receive. There are many great camps in Southern California, but if you’re looking for a place with a high-quality atmosphere at a competitive rate, we know you’ll appreciate it here at The Oaks!

Explore our website to learn more about our lodging, meeting rooms, dining, and recreation!

Way more than a retreat

We help you thrive beyond your event

We know that you’re working hard to plan a retreat because you want your group to thrive, and a retreat is a powerful step in making that happen. But we also want to help you and your group thrive in every way possible throughout the entire year.

To help make this happen, we’ve created an entire package of benefits to help you thrive. When we partner together, you receive access to these benefits including discounted leadership getaways to a year of free Starbucks to help you connect with your group members!

Additionally, we know that the planning can be a huge load on you, the retreat planner, but we want you to thrive in your role, too! Our Planning Promise is that we’ll make your planning easy by streamlining the process and helping the whole way.

Retreating at The Oaks means you gain access to a whole package of additional services designed to help your ministry flourish!

6 Perks of Retreating With Us

Urban Impact

From the City. For the City.

As a ministry of World Impact, The Oaks is dedicated to serving urban and under resourced communities. This means that we do everything we can to welcome and empower churches and ministries of every ethnicity and background. You will find translated resources, understanding and diverse staff, and options to help make pricing affordable so that your group can thrive.

So whether it’s because of the high quality at an affordable price, all the bonus perks, or the urban impact you’re having by retreating with us, we’d love to help you thrive.

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