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Shepherd’s Rest

Personal retreat for pastors and those in full-time ministry

Ministry – though rewarding – is often exhausting. In our ever-accelerating world, taking time to renew your soul is vital for your well-being, and we want to make sure you can get that time away. That’s why we have a place for pastors and those in full-time ministry (and their spouse) to come for an affordable two-night stay at our Shepherd’s Rest lodge.

Our Shepherd’s Rest is tucked away on a quiet corner of camp and provides you with a fully furnished suite, a private bathroom, and a shared living room and kitchen. This allows you to simply come and avoid worrying about accommodations. Enjoy the spectacular views of the Sierra Pelona Mountains, read and pray on the patio, or take a walk on one of the many beautiful trails around camp. You’ll discover that the Shepherd’s Rest provides the perfect place to be renewed.

This two-night retreat is absolutely free for for ministers connected with a group booked for a retreat at The Oaks as well as for members of a World Impact Urban Church Association. All other pastors and individuals in full-time ministry can use the Shepherd’s rest for just $25 dollars per night.
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Ministry Leadership Team Retreats

Discounted retreat for your leadership team to connect, strategize, and refresh.

We all know that resting and regrouping are essential practices for healthy ministry leadership in our fast-paced culture. Yet somehow, whether due to cost or convenience, it seems hard to actually make the time to get away as a church leadership team. As a ministry dedicated to serving Christian leaders, we want to empower your team to experience the leadership retreat you need by removing those obstacles.

Come for a midweek, 2-night stay with a fully equipped meeting room, motel-style lodging, 5 buffet-style meals cooked by our culinary professionals, including team building and s’mores all for an extremely discounted price! For groups with a booked retreat as well as for members of a World Impact Urban Church Association, leadership teams get 65% off, meaning it’s just $75 per person for the entire weekend! All other groups can still get 55% off which means it will only be $99 per person.

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