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You need the right venue to help your group thrive. We’re here to help.

We know there’s a lot you have to plan; that’s why we make the process of picking a location easy by providing a high-quality facility, with tons of options to choose from so you can customize it to your needs, all at a great price. It’s all part of our mission to help you thrive.

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Your Place to Thrive

Who we are

Retreats provide a powerful opportunity for growth and connection in your church or ministry. That’s why we take out job seriously as ministry that can help facilitate that. Everything we do – from providing excellent food, high quality facilities, affordable prices, exciting recreation, and bonus perks for your ministry – is designed to help you thrive.

Pricing with you in mind

Our pricing varies depending on the combination of lodging, meeting spaces, and activities that you would like. Just submit a quick inquiry, and we’ll help you figure out a package tailored to exactly what you need!

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