Camp Report: January Winter Teen Retreat

Camp Report: January Winter Teen Retreat

What a blessing! Over 210 teens and youth workers descended on The Oaks from January 19th-21st to engage with each other and God. This amazing weekend afforded the opportunity for unique friendship time, 1-on-1 mentorship, worship, learning, and just downright fun! This year we were able to put on winter camp through wonderful ongoing partnerships with Urban Youth Workers Institute (UYWI), Rescue A Generation, and The Creators Culture.

The best part? Yes, the spoken word was incredible and worship was deep (no short changing there!), but for me, the most moving part was our speaker and his challenge to the youth to “go all in.” You’re either in or your out! You either commit or you don’t. Our relationship with Jesus – it’s not a “part way” kind of thing. Jesus didn’t give us that option. And it was overwhelming to experience the teens’ response to that call; 100+ teens committed to walk with Jesus! No faking it, they went all in! This always brings me to tears of joy – I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Take on the challenge these teens did. Either get all in, or get out. Jesus doesn’t give another option. I encourage you to take the leap if you haven’t. Give it all up to Jesus and you will find that you just gained everything!

We’re looking forward to our next Winter Teen Retreat on February 16th-18th!