Camp Story: February Winter Teen Retreat
Camp Story: February Winter Teen Retreat

Camp Story: February Winter Teen Retreat

Here’s a story from our Guest Relations and Operations Manager, Sean Daly, about the impact he saw from our February Winter Teen Retreat:

The yellow “wet floor” A-frame sign will now forever be like an altar for me.

The weather for the weekend was changing almost every hour as the time for the campers to arrive approached, going from clouds, to rain, and then to snow. The snow came starting in the late morning and continued on and off for the rest of the day as the campers arrived.

Before the Saturday session for camp, I was speaking with a pastor as the snow was coming down hard, and he said, “I don’t know what it is, but God seems to always move powerfully in the midst of storms!” While he meant the natural events happening outside during the service, I couldn’t help but notice the analogy to the way God can work powerfully in the storms of our lives.

During the service, the youth were told about the great goodness of Jesus and the difference that makes in their lives. And then, they got to go outside and see the goodness of Christ as the white snow covered the ground! As they moved to another building for some late-night snacks and hang out time, they were slow coming in as they just enjoyed the snow.

It proceeded to be a time for the campers to just embrace the snow (one came in with a “snowball,” about as big as a soccer ball and filled with slushy mud), and for many of them, this was their first experience with this much snow!

The greatest moment was when one of the campers found the wet floor sign in the lobby of the building and realized it could make a great sled! He grabbed it and began sliding down an icy/snow covered hill sidewalk. They laughed and enjoyed themselves as their hands froze and snow continued to fall.

It was this simple act of these teens enjoying the power and good gifts of God with something as simple as a “wet floor” sign that made it so that, from now on, anytime I see a wet floor sign, it will be a memorial to help me remember the mighty works of the Lord during February winter camp.