Camp is Powerful

Give your youth the life-changing experience of summer camp!

There’s power in a place that lets kids be kids as they experience new activities, meet new people, and learn about Christ! This is why many youth pastors have shared with us that more life change happens in their youth during one week of camp than during the entire rest of the year of ministry!

Plan your own perfect week of camp!

Rather than providing a cookie-cutter camp experience, we let you plan the perfect camp that fits the needs of your youth! While letting you run the show, we also come alongside you to make sure you have what you need to succeed, like sample resources and providing lots of exciting camp activities to choose from!

Is that different this year?

Yes! In the past we’ve run a camp program, but this year we’re excited to help groups run their own camps so they can customize it to their needs.

There’s nothing like camp fun!

Camp wouldn’t be camp without the fun and exciting activities it provides! For many kids, this is a special chance to try new things and be pushed outside their comfort zone, which helps them grow as they gain confidence in their abilities and provides opportunities to bond with other campers and staff. Plus, they’ll have a ton of fun and make great memories!

Assistance to help you thrive

We provide tons of resources and make it easy to plan!

We walk with you through every step of the planning process so that you can put on the perfect camp for your youth! This means that we’ll help you find the perfect lodging, recreation, and meeting room combinations, we’ll provide lots of sample resources and recommendations, we’ll be responsive to your needs both before and during your retreat, and we’ll even throw in a time slot for our pool for free! Plus, here are 6 great bonus perks of retreating with us!

“God used summer camp at The Oaks to teach me that he will never leave my side and will always love me no matter what; I recommitted my life to Christ!”

– 2018 Camper

“Camp ministry is [an] effective, specialty tool of the trade for youth pastors…. Camp blends adventure, solitude, the presentation of God’s truth, and opportunities for decision in a way that is different from everyday ministry in the home or church.”

-Walt Brock, The Power of Camp

At The Oaks, I learned that God’s love has no limits and that he is real!

-2018 Camper

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