About The Oaks

“They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.” – Isaiah 61:3

Your Place to Thrive

In 1960, a seed was planted which would blossom into a thriving ministry, reaching thousands upon thousands of lives each year. That seed was Clarence Judy donated a beautiful mountain valley to be used exclusively for furthering God’s kingdom. After switching hands a few times, World Impact received the camp and named it The Oaks to acknowledge God’s call to build “oaks of righteousness.” It has developed into a place of renewal and rest for over 18,000 people each year.

Our Mission

As an extension of World Impact, our mission is to empower urban leaders and partner with local churches to reach their cities with the Gospel. We do this several ways, but as a Christian camp and conference center, we’ve discovered that our purpose is to be your place to thrive. We provide a place for you and your group to get away from the city, experience the beauty and stillness of God’s creation, be immersed in an environment of worship, fellowship, and teaching, and taste the joy of laughter and recreation.

Our History

Just as an oak tree stands as a symbol of enduring faithfulness, so too The Oaks is a testament to God’s faithfulness. This land was originally known as Juday Flats, after Clarence Juday who homesteaded the property back in 1900. In 1960, Mr. Juday donated 122 acres of his land to the Brigade Trails Association to be used as a campsite with the express intent that it promotes the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Around 1970, Brigade Trails donated the property to Rolling J Ranch which continued the boys brigade camps and added family camping.

For over nine years, Keith Phillips, president of World Impact at the time, prayed for God to provide a place where missionaries in the inner city could take those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy a camping experience and learn more about a relationship with Jesus. In August of 1986, God led the Rolling J. Ranch board to donate the 172 acre camp to World Impact.

Over the years, new facilities were added, and in 1995, the Lord blessed the camp with the acquisition of 475 acres of surrounding land. An Act of Congress was needed to acquire this National Forest land and Rosey Grier, a longtime supporter of World Impact, was instrumental in making this happen. Programs, camps, and buildings continued to be added over the years. The Oaks has grown from serving 2,000 people in 1990 to now serving over 18,000 each year. God has blessed this place and continues to use it to impact countless lives, building oaks of righteousness for his glory.

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