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Summer Ministry Camps

SIAFU Men's Retreat

SIAFU Women's Retreat

We take honor in hosting SIAFU Women's Conferences!  We are very excited to see what God will do throughout this year's conference as over 100 women from different cities and backgrounds come together to worship Him, fellowship with one another, and deepen our relationship with Christ!


Church Planting School

June 1-3, 2017

For over twenty years World Impact and The Urban Ministry Institute have been equipping church planters working among the urban poor in the United States and around the world. Thousands of urban church leaders have received church plant training during this time and more than 150 church plants have been commissioned in partnership with local churches, associations, and denominations.

The Evangel School of Urban Church Planting provides a tool for urban churches, denominations, and mission agencies to host a contextualized church plant school in their city or region for those God has called to plant churches among the urban poor.