Donation List

Your gifts and donations provide invaluable resources for our camp and our programs!  Below are some suggestions of gifts that would be a great blessing to our camp.  If you have additional items you would like to donate, please let us know.

General Donations

Ministry Camp Programs

  • Giant sumo suits for group games and team building
  • Spin art machine
  • Tshirts or Frisbees as art supplies
  • Gift cards to Target for summer supplies
  • Gift card to REI for Adventure equipment
  • 4x4 quad to pull the summer camp carnival train
  • Enclosed trailer for programmed outback and camping trips

Building and Grounds Development

  • Gift cards to Lowe's for building materials
  • Sedan or mini-van with an automatic transmission
  • 12' x 10' enclosed shed for tool storage or materials to build a shed

Activity Enhancements

  • Tippman 98 custom paintball markers
  • Paintball masks with replaceable lenses
  • High quality, heavy duty Foosball table
  • Ping pong table
  • Pool toys (e.g., pool noodles, water Frisbees)
  • Mobile climbing wall
  • Lumber supplies for trails and other projects (e.g., treated lumber, galvanized piping)

Please contact our office if you have items to donate to The Oaks.

Phone: 661-724-1018

Vehicle Donations

To process the giving of your vehicle to The Oaks through World Impact contact our national office at 323-735-1137.

World Impact Donations

Also check out World Impact's donation and giving page for more information!
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