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Interns at The Oaks support the inner-city church planting efforts of World Impact by planning and running life-changing camps for children and families, discipling inner-city youth, and staffing many different areas of camp in order to enable a more effective ministry.

Each intern receives discipleship and professional training, completes a TUMI course, and participates in spiritual components of the staff community. Mentors are assigned to walk alongside as a support and prayer partner. These, as well as other internship components, are designed to prepare Christian leaders in both camp and urban contexts.


Current Interns

Sheila Guevara

“My name is Sheila and I'm 24 years old. I grew up in Los Angeles and have lived there up until now. I guess at 24 I thought my life would look a lot different. As a young teen, I thought I would be a journalist in the middle of Syria advocating for truth and justice or perhaps writing article after article, shedding light on our need for world peace. I'm definitely shedding light and bringing about justice, but maybe not in the means that I had anticipated in the past. In the last 6 years, post high school, God has allowed me to beckon light and seek justice for the youth in my community as a volunteer at the World Impact Teen Center. In my early teen years I always thought God only used the "really put together" to do His work and I'm glad I was wrong. In my brokenness as a human, I have seen the Lord work miracles in a lot of the youth that live in the inner city of Los Angeles. Now, as I look to this year and the next part of my life, I think about the beautiful tool that camp is for a lot of the kids that come from messy places. I have worked at The Oaks the last three summers and have watched God come through in the lives of many people. In the chaos of the city, The Oaks provides what I think David talks about in the Psalms: a spacious place. Having been a camper at The Oaks through many years, I know the blessing first hand. I look forward to interning this year as I learn the functions of camp and participate in the rest that will be provided for countless guest groups and youth as I continue to learn the importance of pause and rest in our sweet Lord.”

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Jacob and Emma Jordan

As many of you know, God has led us on an exciting journey to love and serve the inner city through ministry this year in a more long-term capacity. Specifically He has called us to serve with World Impact at The Oaks Camp, and these past few months God has confirmed His calling for us to serve as interns! We want to tell you about our journey and how you can partner with us in ministry.

We have been involved with The Oaks for over three years in various capacities, with Jacob working as a camp counselor, and Emma helping out at other Oaks functions. This past summer, we took the year off to get married (woohoo!), but now the Lord has called us back again to serve as interns year round.

Throughout our time there, we will be discipled and mentored to continue growing in the Faith by our ministry partners at the Oaks. This, as well as other internship components, is designed to prepare us as Christian leaders in both camp and urban contexts. We will also be a part of the Program team at The Oaks, and our job descriptions will include a little bit of everything! Running winter camp, hosting guest groups, and planning and staffing summer camp are just a few of the things that will be occupying our lives for the next year, but our ultimate goal is to glorify God and proclaim His love and grace to the kids who come to camp.

God uses so many different ways and different kinds of people to further the Gospel, and The Oaks is a great example of a tangible way we can impact the lives of urban youth and be used to affect lasting spiritual change that goes beyond physical needs. Serving together, we would like to continue in this ministry that has long weighed heavily on our hearts, pursuing the Lord’s calling on our lives and exploring the possibility of transitioning into long-term missionary positions!

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