Here’s How You Can Empower Young Adults in Your Life
Here’s How You Can Empower Young Adults in Your Life

For many young adults, the future looks daunting! It can be really challenging in that stage to figure out the next step forward in life.

That’s why – whether you run a youth group/ministry, have young adult kids of your own, or just know some young adults trying to figure out their path – it is so valuable for you to have resources and opportunities to share with them! They may just need you to point them towards something that will empower them, strengthen their faith, and help set them on course for a thriving future

The Oaks Discipleship Program provides one such resource by empowering the next generation with the skills, experience, and faith they need to succeed in life. In this program, they will…

  • Engage in faith-building community and teaching
  • Get paid while being trained and mentored in 5 different types of jobs
  • Receive instruction in practical life skills (budgeting, goal-setting, time-management)

If The Oaks Leadership Institute sounds like a resource that could help young adults in your life or ministry thrive, please pass this opportunity along to them (or to the leader that works with them in your church or ministry)!

You can learn more about The Oaks Discipleship Program by visiting our page about it here or by checking out this 70 second video about it here!