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Part Time Positions

  • Prepare food and serve meals
  • Wash dishes and maintain clean kitchen
  • Provide friendly service
  • Multiple positions available
  • Mid week, Monday-Friday scheduling. 
  • Hours vary by availability and skill level

The Oaks Food Service team is seeking qualified individuals to fill multiple roles including as a Team Leader, Line Cook, and Prep Cook for mid week opporunities. Serving in the kitchen extremely important to our camp experience. We take great pride in serving delicious, memorable meals as well as maintaining a safe and clean work environment. Responsibilities can include leading personnel, ensuring that food is delivered on-time for guests, food preparation, cooking delicious recipes, washing dishes, and maintaining a safe, clean and organized work space. Through Food Service at The Oaks our guests have the opportunity to enjoy great community and grow in their relationship with God.

Responsible for ensuring the safety of The Oaks pool patrons by preventing anf appropriately responding to emergencies. Assist Lead Lifeguard with daily, weekly and monthly pool maintenance tasks as needed and as allowed by age limitations.

  1. Minimum age of 15
  2. Must be in excellent condition and have good stroke mechanics
  3. Demonstrates proficiency in all applicable lifesaving techniques
  4. Is observant and attentive
  5. Must swim 300 yards, using front crawl(200 yards) and breast stroke(100 yards)
  6. Must retrieve a dive brick from the deep end and carry it 25 yards in less than 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Lifeguard Job Description

Oaks Leadership Institue

We want to develop and empower the next generation of urban leaders as they spend time at The Oaks. 

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