How You Can Pray

The cities of America and the world are beyond our best efforts, our concerted missionary strategies, and our most resolute plans to win them. The enemies are too numerous, our flesh too weak, the spiritual climate too dark for us to pretend that the cities can be won without divine power and action. Only with a new manifestation of the power of God, an extraordinary outpouring of his Spirit, and a fresh mobilization of the people of God under the direction of our Lord himself can we win these dark halls of human rebellion.

One of the clearest and most helpful disciplines in effective intercession is to keep praying. For all sorts of reasons, you may find it quite easy to fail to pray. We get busy, we become inundated with details and work activities, and we simply lose our focus on time spent actually praying.  It goes without saying that if you fail to actually pray and make your requests known to God, it will be difficult to expect him to answer them!  As you grow in your ability to seek the face of God, nothing will become more clear to you than the need to just keep praying, to never cease praying, and to set aside time to pray!

Let us set our hearts, therefore, to plead to God in a new and determined way. Let us determine to hold nothing back as we seek his presence and beg him to advance his Kingdom through his people. Let us begin with a passion to grasp hold of all that we have been grasped for, and to seek his divine visitation upon the cities of America and the world. Only if our Risen and Conquering Lord comes to us and to his church can we see the kind of spread of the Gospel and harvest of souls that we so desperately desire. Only if he comes with power can we see the changes we seek. Let him first come upon us, his people, and then upon the world. Our only hope is that he would revive us again–to love him, to turn our backs on our idols, to be cleansed from our sin, to be released to new ministry for God. Let God arise, and (if he does) we will be revived again.

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