Service Opportunities

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” -Mark 10:45

Since our founding, The Oaks has relied upon the hearts, hands, and minds of people like you who have a passion for Christ and a willingness to serve. Your offering of service enables us to proclaim the gospel to thousands of youth and families from the inner-city each year. Your service directly impacts World Impact’s inner-city ministry and every guest that comes to The Oaks. Without you many of our camp improvement and maintenance projects would not be possible!


Adopt a Project

Looking for an opportunity to really make a difference? How about recruiting your own team and take on the fundraising and construction of a special project for The Oaks! Your service could mean new and improved buildings, grounds, or activities for our ministry programs. Here are a few thoughts to get the ideas flowing:

  • Landscape projects: Irrigation, forestation (planting trees), new hardscape and natural landscape, boulder gardens, adding fences.
  • Building and Maintenance: Constructing gazebos, sheds, and shade shelters, painting and staining, erecting new seating areas, concrete and masonry work.
  • Trails and Viewpoints: Trail improvements and maintenance, building stairs, erecting signage, benches and viewpoints.



Ongoing Service Opportunities

Two additional unique service opportunities include our “Seasonal Adoption” and “Monthly Adoption” programs. We would like to erect a plaque showing your ongoing investment in these programs:

  • Seasonal Adoption The Oaks has specific areas for seasonal planting, maintenance and improvement for both floral and natural landscape. Your ongoing help would be of great assistance!
  • Monthly Adoption The Oaks has designed floral areas for new color and beauty. Monthly planting, plant rotation, and upkeep would be of immense help to us! If any of you love to garden, this is an awesome opportunity for your involvement.



Special Rates and Accommodations

  • Day Service Opportunities: Come to The Oaks for a single day of service. We ask that you would work a minimum of 6 service hours. Depending on availability, you can also participate in meals for a special volunteer rate: Breakfast $4, Lunch $5, Dinner $6.
  • The Oaks Service Retreat: You can also design a unique weekend service retreat or a week long program consisting of service opportunities, adventure, outdoor education, time in nature, and group fellowship and worship. We ask that you work a minimum of 6 service hours for each full day at The Oaks. Come take part in the ministry happening here at The Oaks! We will work with you to design a volunteer weekend to remember. We believe it will empower your group to return home changed and energized to minister in your church and community.



 Volunteer Forms:

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