The Oaks Discipleship Program

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In Faith – In Work – In Life

It can be hard to know what steps to take for your future. That’s why we created a program specifically designed to help you thrive. The Oaks Discipleship Program is crafted around empowering you to grow spiritually, vocationally, and personally.

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Grow Spiritually

Engage in weekly teaching and discipleship and develop healthy spiritual rhythms.

  • 6+ hours a week of focused biblical studies and spiritual disciplines.
  • 4+ hours a week developing spiritual rhythms like devotions, prayer, media fast, and worship.
  • 4+ hours a week dedicated to homework, journaling, and reflection.

Grow Personally

Grow through mentors and an intentional Christian community

  • Gain valuable, practical skills such as personal finances, home management, and more.
  • Learn how to live in a shared space with a diverse group of housemates.
  • Walk alongside staff who seek to invest in your personal goals and achievements.

Grow Vocationally

Gain valuable work experience across departments.

  • Get training and experience in food service, accommodations, adventure activities, landscaping, coffee house, and more!
  • 32+ hours a week of combined training and working in departments.
  • Develop strong work principles of teamwork, diligence, punctuality, and hospitality.

Program Details

Duration: The 10-month internship is from October 1st through mid-August.

Program includes: On-site housing, food, trip costs, special events, and class expenses.

Training: On-the-job vocational, life skills, and Bible training within intentional Christian community.

Earnings: Your earnings will be applied towards program costs. Your net earnings will be approximately $2700.

Fundraising: $500. Funds to be raised by each participant prior to arrival for UYWI and CCCA conference attendance.

Recreation: The Oaks is a summer camp, so there’s a ton of fun and exciting recreation activities available! Together you’ll have opportunities to experience laser tag, rock climbing, archery, disc golf, hiking, throwing hatchets, ropes courses, paintball, and much more!

Requirements: Applicants must be between the ages of 18-25. Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Must have a desire to grown in their faith. Must be flexible, diligent, and punctual. Must demonstrate a humble heart open to learning from mentors, teachers, and peers. Must be part of an existing church or ministry with an ongoing relationship with a pastor/leader/mentor.

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