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If you’re like most young adults, it can be hard to know what steps to take for your future. That’s why we created a program specifically designed to help you thrive. The Oaks Leadership institute is crafted around empowering you in four key areas, the personal, practical, relational, and missional areas of your life.

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Thrive Personally

Grow spiritually. One of the core objectives of this program is to help you flourish in your walk with the Lord. We do that through meaningful study of scripture together, corporate worship times, and opportunities to be intentionally discipled.

Gain confidence. Through classes in personal development and opportunities to lead, you’ll be challenged and given confidence to lead and influence your world.

Discover your passions. You will be given the chance to experience a whole range of different job types around camp, giving you a chance to discover and hone in on your talents and passions.

Thrive Practically

Earn while you learn: Many year long programs for young adults charge a large tuition for students to attend, and if we were just covering our costs The Leadership institute would cost $14,000 per student. But we know that for many young adults, that that’s not a viable option when you’re trying to get started in life. As a result, we’ve structured our program to cover tuition and provide you with housing, food whenever the dining hall is open, and a monthly stipend of $700 dollars to attend! We recognize that providing financial support needs to be a part of our program to successfully set you up for your future.

Gain work experience. As part of the program, attendees will be trained and given the opportunity to serve in departments all across camp, gaining valuable work experience in food service, accommodations, adventure activities, landscaping, group hosting, or as a coffee shop barista.

Receive mentorship. The vision behind providing this work experience isn’t just to toss you into a role and wish you luck, but rather to intentionally train you for the job and provide mentorship and instruction along the way from experienced staff in each position.

Thrive Relationally

Experience community. Life doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We all grow best when we’re surrounded by a supportive, strong community, and that’s what we provide here through the opportunity to live, work, relax, eat, and have fun together as a community.

Develop friendships. The structure of our program creates an environment for friendships to thrive. Serving, learning, and living with like-minded young adults gives you the opportunity to form deep friendships.

Grow through fellowship. There’s also a powerful spiritual element provided through a deep commitment to relationships with other believers. The environment we’ve created is designed to foster a strong community around you to point you to Christ and help you grow.

Thrive Missionally

Gain vision. Whether you already know exactly what passion God has placed on your life or you’re trying to figure that out, we provide practical experience and teaching centered around helping you discover how to use your gifts for the Lord.

Develop a heart for the city. One of the unique privileges we have as an urban ministry located an hour and a half from Los Angeles is to engage in and develop a heart for urban ministry. Through ministry trips to the city and opportunities to serve urban groups at The Oaks, you will able to participate in this vital role of the Church serving the city.

Be equipped. Through practical training in ministry and leadership, through helpful teaching and Bible studies, and through opportunities to put the learning into practice, you will be given the tools, knowledge, and experience to make a difference in your world.


Duration: The 8-month internship is from October 1st through mid-May.

Monthly Stipend: Interns will receive a monthly stipend for expenses of $700.

Housing: Residential housing on camp is provided as part of the internship.

Food: Meals are available anytime the dining hall is open for guests staying at camp (approximately 50% of the time).

Location: Situated in the beautiful mountains at Lake Hughes, The Oaks Camp provides a fun and refreshing environment just 30 minutes away from Palmdale and Lancaster.

Recreation: The Oaks is a summer camp, so there’s a ton of fun and exciting recreation activities available! Together you’ll have opportunities to experience laser tag, rock climbing, archery, disc golf, hiking, throwing hatchets, ropes courses, paintball, and much more!

Schedule: A typical weekly schedule involves eight (8) hours of hands on instruction, weekly homework, serving in departments around camp, and two days off. There are also offsite activities such as ministry trips to Los Angeles, participate in helping lead program camps, and a end of year trip.


Apply now or call us for more details at (661) 724-1018.

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