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Take Some Undistracted Time To Develop Your Team

 rest and retreat makes for healthy ministry

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There is power in changing location and gathering together for an extended period of time. Sometimes a fresh space is needed to break through to new possibilities.

We are committed to helping churches and organizations find time away to be revitalized. Our facilities and scenic location provide the opportunity for your staff to find new ways to engage together and listen to God's voice.

To help you plan your retreat, the following are dates that we have available for you to come to The Oaks:


April 26-28
April 19-21
May 3-5
May 15-17
June 11-14
June 19-23
August 22-24
September 12-15
September 27-29
October 4-6
October 9-12
October 24-27
November 14-17


January 2-5
January 16-19
January 31-February 2
February 21-23
February 28-March 2
March 6-9
March 12-14

The dates above are available at our special package pricing; call today to invest in an amazing experience to empower your staff.


strategy and focus

Private, flexible space provided for your development

fellowship and refreshment

Deeper relationships foster rich ministry outcomes  

professional and comfortable

Relaxed and undistracted to refocus and refresh  


We want you to get away and be blessed. As a ministry of World Impact, The Oaks is committed to transforming communities together with you. We see this happen regularly through retreats and camps at our spacious grounds in the Sierra Pelona Mountains! Would you consider empowering your staff through an event like this?

To find out more, contact our staff who are happy to guide you.


Paul Crockett

661-724-1018 ext.303