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Promotional Tools

We want to help you see lives changed at your event, but we know it can be difficult to get people signed up, and that's why we're here to help.!

Here are some media resources you can use to spread the word to your ministry or church without the hassle of creating content yourself:

Bulletin Inserts

Promotional Tips:

We've also learned a few tricks of the trade over the years about how to successfully promote retreats. Here are the top three most helpful tips we've discovered:

  1. Use as many communication mediums as possible. People often don't sign up for something after hearing about it the first time, so utilize a whole range of methods to spread the word. Some ideas include using bulletin inserts, slides, video promos, announcements, Facebook event invites, posts on your church/ministry Facebook/Instagram page, signup sheets after an event, email reminders, word-of-mouth recruiters (who are relational, not pushy), and even invitations to other churches or ministries.
  2. Follow-up personally. The multiple points of contact listed above are valuable, but in the end nothing is as effective as the encouragement of a friend. When people are invited to attend an event because someone they know wants them to be there, it adds a much stronger incentive to attend.
  3. Make your promo pull, not push. Instead of trying to convince everyone to attend by pushing them to come, show them how it would add value to their lives; this will pull them in and get them excited about it.