Full-time ministry – though rewarding – is exhausting, and we get that. In our ever-accelerating world, taking time to renew your soul is vital for your well-being, and we want to make sure you can get that time away. That’s why we have a place for anyone in full-time ministry (and their spouse) to come for a two-night stay. 

Partner ministries you stay is on us, non-partner ministries your stay will be $25 a night

Our Shepherd’s Rest is tucked away on a quiet corner of camp and provides you with a fully furnished suite, a private bathroom, and a shared living room and kitchen. This allows you to simply come and avoid worrying about accommodations; just enjoy the spectacular views of the Sierra Pelona Mountains, read and pray on the patio, or take a walk on one of the many beautiful trails around camp. You’ll discover that the Shepherd’s Rest provides the perfect place to be renewed.


  • The free two-night stay is for weekdays only.

  • The stay is restricted to pastors or others in full-time ministry (and their spouses if they wish to join). No children or pets allowed.

  • Due to high demand, reservations may need to be made anywhere from several weeks to several months in advance.

  • A full-service kitchen (fridge, stove, cookware, etc.) is provided.

To book the Shepherd’s Rest, call our registration office at